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You might be interested in the Financial Section on this site. Banks, like Building Societies, often have a restricted range of services - and are notoriously conservative when investing your money. This usually results in very low rates of return. Our financial section covers other Financial Institutions, Mortgages, Investment Consultants, Credit & Finance Companies - and Crowd Funding!

Also see below for all the Building Societies around Your Postcode with their contact details. Just click through to go to a map, street views, reviews and a link to their own websites.


TSB Bank

46 Crossgate, Cupar KY15 5HS, UK – 01334 789998

Does all the usual banky stuff


14 Crossgate, Cupar KY15 5HH, UK – 0800 554 0975

still waiting on my internet banking details been waiting now for over 2 months, but overall i really don't have any problems with this banking system staff are friendly and always have a smile to greet you whenever you walk in hence why the 4 stars.

Mostly mortgages

Bank of Scotland

3 The Cross, Cupar KY15 4BP, UK – 01334 410201

Building Societies


14 Crossgate, Cupar KY15 5HH, UK – 0800 554 0975

still waiting on my internet banking details been waiting now for over 2 months, but overall i really don't have any problems with this banking system staff are friendly and always have a smile to greet you whenever you walk in hence why the 4 stars.

Mostly mortgages

Local Chambers of Commerce for KY15 4NB. These can be an extraordinarily effective way of getting into the business community and / or getting things done. Equally they can be entirely useless depending on the chair. If they have networking events associated with them definitely go, and keep going, if you have a business that need local support. What you put in is exactly what you get out. Below is the national site. Watch this slot - it might improve!

We could not find any Councils around your location. Please click below to see full results from Google.

This link works well. If you have fly tipping, litter issues etc you can either click and enter your local authority or find it on an interactive map. The services just drop down for you.
Find the local council, MP and MEP for KY15. Type your postcode into relevant box and find details for your local councillor, MP and MEP. MPs can be extremely useful if you want a local issue aired or fixed. Get an appointment for a surgery meeting if you want to talk directly to your MP.

Councils have also become increasingly useful, business focused and lean. If you want something done think about contacting your local council or contacting your local representative. Click below to get the contact details of your representatives for the Brunton area
Find local dentists and dental practices around Brunton and KY15 4NB with location maps and contact details. The link below takes you to a vastly improved NHS site which tells you what you need to know! This includes whether they take NHS patients and lots of other useful information. You can also find out whether they do orthodontic dentistry and other complex work.

Well worth a click.

Dental Surgeries

The Cupar Dentist

7 Castle St, Cupar KY15 4AU, UK – 01334 655752

great service and friendly staff, thank you!

Bonnygate Dental Surgery

98 Bonnygate, Cupar KY15 4LB, UK – 01334 653315

Cupar Dental Access Centre

Adamson Hospital, Bank St, Cupar KY15 4JG, UK – 01334 656276

Bank Street Medical Group

The Health Centre/Bank Street, Cupar KY15 4JN, UK – 01334 651201

Great practice, especially when it comes to mental health issues.

Eden Villa Medical Practice

Bank St, Cupar KY15 4JN, UK – 01334 651223

Dr Gerald Burnett - Eden Villa Medical Practice

Bank St, Cupar KY15 4JN, UK – 01334 651223

NHS Direct is now NHS 24. Just dial 111 to speak to a professional or click the link below for there self help website. Lots of really useful info but keep clear of heart surgery! If in doubt ask your GP or call 111. Good luck.

British Gas - Breakdown & Repairs 0845 9 60 50 40

Fire - Ambulance - Police 999

Stratheden Hospital

Stratheden, Cupar KY15 5RR, UK – 01334 652611

I had a resonably good experince at stratheden I really recomend nurses cathren Pammie, theresa, Kerreine, Linda, Kerry. They were superb down everythig for me!! ! Other nurses on the other hand not them all but some of there attitudes were terrible! Towards myself and other paicents. I found the service helpful but some of the staff need sorted out at the end of the day u need to have empathy and understanding whilst being a nurse knowing 3 years or more from experience! Fair enough having qualifications but u need a heart! Oh and as I forgot to mention the doctors are hellish! They don't have a flamming clue what they are doing and I did NOT have a good experience with them! Be however that's ny opinion!

I have been in Stratheden many times over the years and I have found the level of care from the nursing staff to be excellent. The Psychiatrists however leave a lot to be desired. They are never on the ward to observe patient behavior therefore patients mental health is obtained from notes that nurses have collated in a back office. The nursing staff do not even have the time to spend with patients to ask relevant questions so that the Psychiatrist can make an educated GUESS (at best ) as to what the correct course of treatment should be!!! Very disappointed in the structure of mental health... Nurses do the Psychiatrists work without the wages!!!!

Adamson Hospital

Bank St, Cupar KY15 4JG, UK – 01334 651200


Weston Day Hospital

West Port, Cupar KY15 4AN, UK – 01334 652163

Not bad....

Local hospitals - community hospitals and hospitals with A&E departments for KY15 4NB.

The new NHS website below is very well worth a look. Hospitals are not only listed but evaluated. I certainly know which ones I would go to! At the very least you will know what questions to ask if you are sent to one which has not entered its data. Good luck!
Find the local Health Trust for KY15 4NB
This Parliamentary website will find MPs - just type in your postcode. It also gives details of how to contact your MP

Find Local Churches & Places of Worship

British Red Cross shop

36 Bonneygate, Cupar KY15 5LD, UK – 01334 655695

Charity shop

Citizens Advice and Rights Fife

County Buildings, 11 St Catherine St, Cupar KY15 4LS, UK – 0345 140 0095

Brilliant service

The Richmond Fellowship Scotland

Granary Business Centre, Coal Rd, Cupar KY15 5YQ, UK – 01334 657517

Dedicated, comitted and caring in improving people's lives. Can always be depended on to go the extra mile or two.

Your local Christian churches. Click on your town/village to find churches in your area. Good and media savvy churches will give you a real feel for what sort of service to expect.
This is a brilliant site. Click to see virtually everything you are likely to need to know about the Police and crime statistics around Brunton. You can often even see a photo of your local policeman!

Crimestoppers - Call 0800 555111 or 101 for non emergency

Find Recycling Centres

Castle Furniture Project

Tom Rodgers Mill, East Burnside, Cupar KY15 4DQ, UK – 01334 654445

Phoned first to check if they had what I was looking for as I'm 50 minute return drive. Found the lady very unhelpful, didn't take the time time to listen and couldn't wait to get me off the phone. After speaking with the very helpful and caring Glenrothes branch, decided to pop along anyway and found what I wanted. Was served by a very helpful, if a bit unsure, young lad with blonde hair.

I have visited this charity a few times, and always find it a wonderful experience. There are so many goodies on offer, and you could find yourself a fantastic bargain! I have always found the staff and volunteers really friendly and willing to help. Recently, when I visited with a friend the staff and management went over and above normal expectations to help her out after finding out her personal circumstances. The positive difference they made to her life through the help given is very much appreciated. During a conversation with some of the volunteers and staff I discovered just how much this small furniture charity help support people with learning difficulties and mental health issues. They really are an asset to the community. Five stars guys! Keep up the fantastic work - Highly recommended.

Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland

19 Bonnygate, Cupar KY15 4BU, UK – 01334 653970

Great, excellent staff. Thanks Bruce.

The Salvation Army Charity Shop

43 Crossgate, Cupar KY15 5AS, UK – 01334 652907

Good stock of goods and very good value and service

Give and get free stuff. Here you will find lots of items that people are willing to give away, for FREE! This is instead of taking them to a local landfill site. The aim of this site is to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill (20.9 million tonnes of it last year in the UK) and recycling is great news for the environment.
We all know that we need to recycle more - and this is a great way of doing it.
You may prefer to go through to our Eating Out page which has a complete range of places you can go from the most economical to the most lavish.  Please CLICK HERE!

You will also find Take Aways and Pubs in this section. Enjoy!

Local Restaurants & Places to Eat around Brunton

Ostlers Close Restaurant

25 Bonnygate, Cupar KY15 4BU, UK – 01334 655574

Great food intimate atmosphere highly recommend

Errr, wow. Not the cheapest out there but for a special occasion it's a glorious wee place: a true diamond in the rough (sorry Cupar). The ingredients is locally sourced, the dishes are cleverly constructed and the taste is sensational (particularly if you're a meat lover). Go, treat yourself.

Aangan Indian Restaurant & Grill

76a Crossgate, Cupar KY15 5HS, UK – 01334 652998

Love this place. Best Indian in Fife, if not Scotland. Dahl makhani? Hard to find elsewhere. Get the lime pickle... it's got pickled garlic in it. Banging!

Best Indian in the town by a country mile.Been there a few times over the last 6 months and they NEVER disapoint. First class service backed up by stunning food.

Shehnai Indian Restaurant

27 Crossgate, Cupar KY15 5HA, UK – 01334 655784

Great food. Attentive staff. Very friendly manager.

Really lovely meal. Fresh and delicious. Lamb was perfect.

Nursery and Preschools

The Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery

Room 7 Volunteer House, 69-73 Crossgate, Cupar KY15 5HA, UK – 01334 652276

Westfield Family Nurture Centre

Westfield Rd, Cupar KY15 5AR, UK – 01334 659484

Primary and Secondary Schools

St Columba's R C Primary School

N Union St, Cupar KY15 4AN, UK – 01334 659440

Good Scholl

Good school

Castlehill Primary School

Ceres Rd, Cupar KY15 5JT, UK – 01334 659453

Bell Baxter High School

Carslogie Rd, Cupar KY15 4HY, UK – 01334 659459

Public & Preparatory Schools

Bell Baxter High School

Carslogie Rd, Cupar KY15 4HY, UK – 01334 659459

See all sorts of shops near you.
Local social service agencies for KY15 4NB with contact details and location maps

Gas Transco

0800 111999

British Gas Breakdown & Repairs

0845 9 60 50 40
Local electricity supply companies for KY15 4NB with contact details and location maps
Local gas supply companies for KY15 4NB, including bottled gas, with contact details and location maps
Local water supply and treatment companies for KY15 4NB with contact details and location maps